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Performance work (video or audio-only) is a maximum of 5 minutes long.


You must incorporate some element of the work you receive into the work you create. Basically, you should be able to make an argument for how it influenced your new creation. We are working on the honor system--no one is going to ask you to present your argument--this is the whole point of the program, so we think you get it.




If you create an object, series of movements or anything not expressly developed for a screen, the documentation of your creation is paramount to the thing itself. In fact, it is the thing itself (not to get too philosophical on you). Remember, we are creating on for and with the internet. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or cinematographer, but you do have to think about how you are framing your creation.


Remix, collage, sample, zoom in, zoom out, recontextualize, steal, contrast, flip, reverse, transpose, transfigure, or, in other words, take a thing and let it help you make it into something else.


Respect the work you receive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t destroy it.

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